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Michelle LaDue
My very own doula and barefoot doctor. Michelle is a shepard and warrioress of birth, no doubt. She brings with her an acupuncture & herbal background which makes for a wondrous bag of tricks (literally). Full to the max with potions, experience and kindness.
1 (718) 415-1583
[email protected]

Lisa Sophia Jacobson
She is SO FULL of love and has doula’d tons of my friends babies. Yogini and NYC woman of many adventures.

Sarah Tomlinson, Mother, Yogini and Ayurvedic astrologer. She isn’t working in the conventional ‘at your birth’ sense at the moment because she is raising two young children but she is one incredible woman to make a contact with and have in your corner as you go through it all, even and especially after the birth.

[email protected]
(347) 302-3247

Mia Borgatta
Best prenatal yoga in NYC, no question. Also a doula (Sarah’s from above!) and mother to a 20 year old daughter. Gentle and loving. I recommend taking at least one (take many!) of her asana classes and possibly a birthing preparation class with your partner, especially if you are looking for something deeper and more heart-centered than the run of the mill. Which you should be, cause birth is a huge beautiful deal. She really is incredible.


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