Alexis Arvidson Acupuncture | Eating the good stuff in NYC
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Eating the good stuff in NYC

Eating the good stuff in NYC

Here’s the rundown..

All animal products (cheese, milk, eggs, yogurt, ice-cream, any meats) should be organic, hormone free, grass-fed and as local as possible. The Hudson Valley and PA are your most likely sources. This will change everything about the way you feel when you eat them.

When there’s no time to cook;

I recommend The Oliver Weston Company they will prepare and deliver you excellent health-centric food that you can eat in without much effort.

Blue Apron is another great company that will deliver you fresh food in full recipe portions that take 20 min or less to prepare.

Where to shop for your food;

NYC Farmers Markets are excellent. You can find the local schedule and locations at the link above.

Local CSA’s are also wonderful ways to support farms and also have the best local foods delivered to you regularly.

Other great resources for your best food possible;

Just Food

Local Harvest

Grocers I trust;

Foragers, 22 & 8th NYC or DUMBO BK

The Green Grape Provisions, Fort Greene BK

The Meat Hook, Williamsburg BK

Marlow and Daughter, Williamsburg BK

Commodities Natural Market, East Village NYC

Back to the Land Foods, Park Slope BK

Whole Foods is ok for groceries but its not going to provide foods as fresh or local as a smaller venue or a market.

Your meat will be much healthier from here and the farmers market, be weary of grocery store meats.

Fleishers, Park Slope, Brooklyn & Kingston NY
Marlow and Daughters, Williamsburg BK
The Meat Hook, Williamsburg BK
Dickson’s Farmstand Meats , Chelsea Market NYC

The main things to look out for as you shop for your family;

1. Less packaging is betters more fresh and more likely to be real food and unprocessed.

2. Fresh and real foods will not last in your refrigerator or on your counter for very long, if they do you can be sure they are full of chemicals and preservatives.

3. Start with things you like and become more adventurous with time. You don’t have to change everything at once. Educate yourself and you will find your body wants to eat in a way that’s aligned with the rhythms of nature, seasonally, and as close to the harvest as it can get!

4. Organic is less important than local. Many small farmers can either not afford to become organically certified or choose not to because the qualifications have become convoluted in order to appease big farm business. Get to know your farmers and your farms. Yes Farms, Yes Food.

Restaurants to consider;

(Anything Andrew Tarlow is behind)
-Marlow and Sons

-Blue Hill
-Perish Hall
-Roebling Tea Room
-Foragers City Table
-Cook Shop
-ABC Kitchen
-The Fat Radish
-Gramercy Tavern


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