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Prenatal Yoga in NYC

Prenatal Yoga in NYC

Mia Borgatta is the babymama-to-be goddess of NYC. Entering her classes is akin to falling into a much needed warm embrace OR the temple of Isis. She is loving. She is wise. She is determined to help prepare each woman she meets for the task and journey of her own childbirth experience. I really feel the beautiful, powerful, challenging, amazing birth of my daughter would have been different and less empowering if I hadn’t met and practiced with Mia.

You can find her at Ma Yoga on the Bowery in the same locations that the Dharma Punks meet.

If you’re a pregnant mama go get some- lucky you! If you have a little bundle at home there is a mom-and-baby class on Wednesdays at noon, get it get it.

If you know someone that is pregnant, turn them on to Mia. It will likely be the biggest kindness you can offer. Mia Borgatta


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