Alexis Arvidson Acupuncture | the making of me
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the making of me

the making of me

I am a woman

I am strong, and I am delicate

Most recently, I am a wife

For as long as I can remember, I am a daughter

A sister, blissfully

A friend, fiercely

A yogini, because I can’t not be, knowing what I’ve come to know

I am a student, because learning fuels my search for this life’s mission

I am a teacher, because sharing what I learn brings me great joy and clarity

I am a writer, because I light up while doing it

I am an acupuncturist, because I am paid to use needles and skills-of-hand to work out people’s pains and dis-ease

I am a healer, because I succeed much of the time

I am a planner, which means I sometimes have difficulty anchoring in the now

I am practicing, because I keep coming back to my breath

I am growing, because I look much different from the inside than I did even last week

I am all of these identities, or have been, and perhaps will be again

And I am none

I am shifting, changing, can’t put your finger on it, pure potential

I am opening, shedding, embedding, awakening each moment I look to see beyond these collections of what makes up me

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