Alexis Arvidson Acupuncture | A story, our mind’s prayers
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A story, our mind’s prayers

A story, our mind’s prayers

The mind does not know negatives. As we paint our world with each thought, each action, each word, all the mind can do is respond to our call. If we call from a place of fear, our fears will be realized. If we call out in love, we will find it answer us back in kind.

My own fears remind me. In small ways, to hide away the bigger picture in a mass of confusion. If I allow my mind to meditate on fear.

On my solitary retreat I was surrounded by bugs, spiders of every assortment, flying, jumping, stinging, bugs. Reminders. I called them and they came.

In very much the same way, I’ll often find a bug belly up when I enter a room, or scurry under the darkness as I flick on the light. My husband doesn’t. See them. Until I scream or groan or squeal in feigned surprise. It isn’t true surprise, any longer. I put them there. I pictured them there before I arrived, and when the time was perfect, when the moment of next became the moment of now, they appeared. Popped fresh from the image in my mind.

It’s not that I’m actively, consciously picturing these bugs, no, but the picture is there. Each time I mantra, “I hope there isn’t a bug in the bathroom..” all my mind sees, hears, and feels is BUG. My all powerful mind. And it provides. Unrelentingly.

What I propose is that we do our research, we share our information, we expand our knowledge base and we open our hearts.

From the open space of the heart, we can proceed with the perfect antedote. And when we remind ourselves of this, of LOVE, we paint in colors so vibrant, so buzzing, so ALIVE, our life is moved. Up. Transcending. This reality. To the next phase of our evolution.


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