Alexis Arvidson Acupuncture | Goddesses, good advice and the shock of renaming (and claiming) our own experience
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Goddesses, good advice and the shock of renaming (and claiming) our own experience

Goddesses, good advice and the shock of renaming (and claiming) our own experience

In the past few weeks Kyle and I have had time to relax, recharge, make new friends and engage in some real, dirty and PROSPECTIVE SHIFTING shadow work.

We had a conversation with our new friend Jo under the stars at Eden on the force of anger. She told us the story of an ex-boyfriend she met with for a beer and a chat and how he spoke the entire time about his new relationship and all it’s glories. Jo left the bar feeling as she put it, “FURIOUS!” she continued, “I walked across the lot steaming, thinking to myself, I’m so FURIOUS with him, NO, I’m so FURIOUS with my father, NO.. I’m just so FURIOUS!!!! And I realized I didn’t need to find anything outside of me to blame it on.”

Obvious or not, her story was a kind illustration to help me face my own issues with feeling FURIOUS, and perhaps find a way to let its most notable targets (my mom and my husband!) off the hot end of my poker. “Just being with it changes it” Jo said, “the shift is in not denying”

Another woman we were BLESSED to meet with is the captivating Avi Esther, doula and rebirther, American girl living her life across the pond. Avi shared colorfully her experiences with the births of her two children and the monumental discovery that PAIN was more of a suggested experience than it was her actual reality. The mantra she roared in her retelling was, in response to a woman consoling her life-giving moans, “THIS IS NOT PAIN, THIS IS POWER.” plays over in my mind and I smile with my whole body letting that become my expectation.

An excerpt from;

Written by David Frawley

The BEAUTIFUL and the TERRIBLE often go together. Bhairavi specifically means “terrifying” and is the powerful, awesome, or energetic form of the goddess. She represents transforming heat or radiance, tejas, which is the primal power, or Divine energy. This we experience as a frightening thing because it burns away and destroys all the limitations and illusions of an egocentric existence.

When the stories you read run into the conversations your having, someone, something is shouting to be looked at. I can take a hint.


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