Alexis Arvidson Acupuncture | You can only sack a quarterback
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You can only sack a quarterback

You can only sack a quarterback

I have just woken up at 3AM Thai time to walk to a sports bar (where they still smoke indoors?!!!) and watch the patriots playoff game with my new husband. Is this a true story? It is. Ask me how I got here and I can only tell you two things;

1. A wise woman told me, when we wed two weeks ago, that married life means each day you will give something up for the other, today it’s a few hours of sleep.

And 2. A wondering life, without work, community and obligation, is one I am so unfamiliar with that I’m making an American football game a priority. Madness. Fireshotmadness to be exact.

Earlier today Kyle and I took and tuk tuk to see big standing Buddha and sitting Buddha, both were very beautiful. In the outdoor scene of prayer and offerings I felt very much a spectator, out of my element. In the solitude of the small temples I felt bloody bliss. Looking around we were surrounded by, and held close to, all the buddhas. Prostrations were easy and peace-filled.

Offerings are everywhere here in Bangkok. Prayer begins each moment of work, before the street-side foot massage, there is a pause of gratitude with hands held at heart and head.

What this has me thinking about, as I keep Kyle company and half listen to him explain some rule about no helmet pulling (does that really need to be a RULE?!) is how being on the other side of the world, far from everything I know and love is not far enough to keep my wildly production obsessed mind from spinning.

I’m planning, I’m searching for silks, for beads, for treasures, I’m writing, I’m doctoring every neglected dry patch of skin and I’m applying red lip stick twice a day. I’m crazy. I suspect we all are. My greatest hope for this adventure is to come home with some deeper knowledge of taking time, of giving thanks and sitting still.

All my sleepy-eyed insights aside, I’m blogging at 4:30AM, which I decided last night I wouldn’t do for sake of slowing down… The truth is, it does make me happy, so I sit, conceding and drinking from the satisfaction of having accomplished something before 5AM.

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