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Cracked Heels

Cracked Heels

Grrr. I have been working on this home project for more years than I are to recall. I suspect that my heels originally became cracked as a result of a childhood vow I made to have feet unaffected by the ground they walk. I hated loosing manhunt to the neighborhood boys because their feet were more seasoned.

What resulted was years of walking barefoot, on black-top and concrete, and the less abrasive sand and grass. My mantra was if we were meant to wear shoes, why did everyone look more comfortable without them.

And then, some time in my mid twenties, my feet literally gave up the fight. They became dry to the point of cracking open. No fun. No more bare feet in the streets (a good idea in NYC?!) and no more flip flops. This and a dozen attempts at treatment from acupuncture and moxa to every salve under the sun, to a diet FULL of greens and still, five years later.. Cracks in my heels if I’m not completely careful.

My latest attempt is the mysterious and alluring Egyptian Magic. Full of all things bee’s and promises by the amazing staff at Santa Monica’s Homeopathic Pharmacy to cure what ails you, especial when it comes to dry and cracked skin.

I love the ingredient list, and the enthusiasm, and I’m so game to give it another go. Stay tuned for an update. Perhaps this could be the thing…

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