Alexis Arvidson Acupuncture | The next 29 years..
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The next 29 years..

The next 29 years..

In celebration of Saturn’s hop skip and jump my intention is to make a call, loud and clear, claiming the epicenter of my manifestations.

I would like to invite in boundlessness. A transformative redefining of what it means to be all the things I am and wish to become; mother, daughter, wife, lover, friend, creator, human, goddess, angel, bodhisattva.

I would like to invite children, family, comminity, and a place called home. A lofted city dwelling with an indoor treehouse built to inspire children’s imagination and a country cabin tucked in between forests and streams.

I would like to invite in an ever expanding sense of Self. A constant growing and unfolding of life, love and learning.

Community is the foundation of the next 29 years. Writing, dancing, composing, painting, shaping, growing, teaching, magic, ritual, meal-making, healing, building, breathing; all pieces of the powerful pulsing puzzle of community that will sustain a true change in consciousness.

In the essence of elemental nourishment for this tribe of growers, I invite in pure foods that we know intimately from soil and seed through sauté and steam to the end and rebirth of composting honoring a renewed life cycle.

The economy I envision is one where each individuals skill set is honored and time is giving in abundance to truly discover this in our selves. Life journeying is above all paramount.

A mother, a teacher, a builder, a musician, a chef, a farmer; all take their places, side by side, in the cycle of life and creation. Recognizing our interdependence with hearts full of gratitude is at the most basic fabric of the coming 29 years, in prayer, in eye contact, in touch and in silence, in the moments before we open our eyes to greet the day and at night when we lay them to rest.

What I see walking through the cosmic door and landing on our gracious and kind mother earth is INCREDIBLE.

It is a dropping of the veil.

A dissolving of the line.

A transcendence that includes.

It is pure bliss.

And it is DIVINE.


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