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Bad Cats!

Bad Cats!

Feina has been with me for more than seven years. She is a grey tiger striped ringtail. Perfection. Fe is super sweet and loving and loyal. She does an amazing trick, stretching from the tips of her front paws to the bottom of her hind paws when you hold her under her kitten armpits. Her aunt taught her that.

In December, Kyle and I were discussing adopting a kitten to keep Fe company during the day while we work. Just days later a gorgeous black stray showed up on our doorstep. We were stunned at the quick response time with which the universe reacted to our request, and also very excited.

Less excited was Feina, in welcoming her new sister Nori (short for Notorious- as in B.I.G.). Hissing and fighting ensues for weeks with no sign of stopping. I contacted vets, animal experts at whiskers and proud operators of multiple pet homes. “Give it time, they will come around”, I heard over and over.

Fast forward nine months. Nori has grown to be a serious athlete and a playful teen, she adores Fe, wanting to play and clean her ears and swat her tail. Fe is still completely disgusted with the idea of sharing her domain with a sibling feline. And although Nori seems to enjoy living with us, she has absolutely no interest in being pet.

I have heard many times that pets are a perfect reflection of their owners, and with cats, its particularly the shadow side of their owners. A teachers once told me that cats specifically are known to take on an illness that would have otherwise harmed their human (Bodhisattva!).

I had to begin to ask what my role was in this unwelcome behavior.

To be continued…



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