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Bad Cats (the sequel)

Bad Cats (the sequel)

What I have come up with in my search for a completely mutually happy home, humans and felines a like, is that since the very beginning of our merger, things have been batsh!t crazy around here! Three weeks after we received Nori on our doorstep Kyle and I became engaged. And, since the moment (about two seconds after becoming engaged) we made a plan to travel for several months after the wedding, we have been all business, all the time. BUSY! Doing stuff. Constantly. In fact, our summer acronym has been GSD- getting sh!t done.

So, I want playful and loving kittens huh? Well then, I better get moving on creating a playful and loving home on my own end. This weeks self assignment is all about silly songs, kisses and the at home dance party.

I will keep you posted.



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