Alexis Arvidson Acupuncture | Heart Opening
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Heart Opening

Heart Opening

Three best do-it-yourself tips..

1. YOGA; restorative, vinyasa, pre-natal.. It doesn’t matter really. Just get yourself on the mat. The most important piece is not how far you bend (never push beyond what your body says it can handle!) but instead, what flavor is in your mind while you are bending. Do it for someone else. When you’e had it and that last bridge feels like climbing a mountain when all you want is to lay on the beach, DEDICATE it to someone you know needs the extra ability to become open and flow.

2. Service; yup. Serve. Get out of bed and do SOMETHING for another human/animal/sentient being. Feed them, read to them, walk their dog because they can’t. It doesn’t matter what you do.. Only what’s in your heart while you’re doing it. Spread the love by loving and find love shining back at you.

3. SING!!! Your heart out! Singing, chanting, kirtan, in the shower, in the car, on the subway platform… It all counts. And it all helps to unwind the knots (three!) at your heat chakra.


Because you feel anxious, sad, tired, lonely, that left shoulder won’t quit nagging you with pain, your feeling disconnected or uninspired… One of my great teachers says EVERY disharmony in our health is at it’s root a heart disharmony. Start there and see how you be.

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