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Make a vacation

Make a vacation

I began writing this some time ago while laying near the ocean in a most magical part of the world. The feeling of freedom was strong. From my blanket I could see the blue green of the sea as it crashes into white on the pink sand. Above me birds were circling the water for thier lunch.

In this place, ritual and prayer are part of daily life. The friends we have made so willingly share their practices with us each time we visit, punctuating the bliss of non-attachment.

I often encourage my patients to take a vacation when they are feeling particularly stressed, overworked or pained. It is remarkable how often people return from time away feeling relieved of symptoms that have become chronic and dibilitating.

But leaving home is not always an option, and not always the answer. Our practice is strongest when it meets with the friction of daily life yet remains supple enough to transform and surprise us.

My new mantra to replace “take a vacation” is “MAKE a vacation”. No plane, no travel, no packing required. Make some time for your LIFE. Do something you love. Read something unrelated to work. Eat somewhere different. Sit with yourself for ten minutes. Take your shoes off in the park and do a cartwheel!

Whatever it is that makes you feel some real freedom in your world and lightens the load, let it happen more often!


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