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Yesterday I decided that I needed more. More attention, more time, more affection. It really didn’t matter more of what, just more. And, as my habit is when my left channel is running the show, I look around and ask, from WHOM can I request more? The list is short of people I’m willing to be so ugly to, and Kyle happens to be holding down the number one spot. So, I called him with a bratty voice and a bratty intention, and I COMPLAINED about not getting enough from him.

He sighed in an, “oh jeez, not this old scene again” way and I grumbled, “fine, bye.”. And hung up. I hung up! This is embarrassing to write, how can it have been so easy to act out?!

Kyle followed up with a text saying, “Babe, don’t hang up on me”. And I thought about it for a whole minute before I realized he was absolutely right. I began my response, “you are right….”
..AND MY PHONE TUMBLED TO THE GROUND AND SMASHED, into a million tiny little glass pieces. One of which is still stuck in my right big toe.

Now I’m the one sighing. It’s so clear, so obvious. If you can’t be nice when you’re speaking, you don’t deserve the means with which to communicate.

One moment my phone is an all wielding wand allowing me to implement my every thought and desire on the victim (friend, lover, family member) of my choosing, and the next.. It’s a pile of junk on the street.


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  • Alexis Arvidson

    September 2, 2011 at 10:08 pm Reply

    I wanted to make a note and give a major SHOUT OUT to the magician that saved me from my technological demise..

    Brian Phothimat @ Simple iFix CAME TO MY OFFICE with an fascinating array of tools and gadgets and FIXED MY PHONE!!!

    It was the coolest thing I have ever seen done in 30 minutes.

    If you find yourself mouthing off and reaping the rewards of a million tiny glass screen splinter, do your self a puja (karmic cleansing!) and then give this guy a call!


    [email protected]

    I am amazed.

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