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And then today this came in the mail :)

And then today this came in the mail :)

Tucked inside a letter from a friend..

Recognizing our Kinship with Others

“Our personal attempts to live humanely in the world are never wasted. Choosing to cultivate love rather than anger just might be what it takes to save the planet from extinction.

What is it that allows our goodwill to expand and our prejudice and anger to decrease? This is a significant question. Traditionally it is said the the root of aggression and suffering is ignorance. But what is it that we are ignoring? Entrenched in the tunnel vision of our personal concerns, what we ignore is our kinship with others.

One reason we train as warrior-
bodhisattvas is to recognize out interconnectedness- to grow in understanding that when we harm another we are harming ourselves. So we train in recognizing our uprightness. We train in seeing that others are not so different from ourselves. We train in opening our hearts and minds in increasingly difficult situations. ”

The note ended there, but the story goes on……..


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