Alexis Arvidson Acupuncture | A practice in perception
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A practice in perception

A practice in perception

Have you heard the one about the Native American shaman that stood on the shore line and stared out into sea for days before her eyes could recognize the massive ships of the white men approaching her world? She could sense something had changed on the horizon and with perfect dedicated concentration she was able to pick up the visual sense to match what she already knew to be true on a vibe.

This is always true, we cannot perceive what we can don’t believe. What does this mean in real time? For me it means all things are possible. And at this moment I am working to visualize the pathways that Qi moves through on my patient so that I can one day see the places of stagnation and flow and conduct a treatment in silent blissful full-on listening.

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  • Jim Needham

    July 24, 2011 at 5:17 pm Reply

    Alexis dear,

    I love your site and all your presence on Goolgle.
    Big careful of your typing. A couple of errors in the text
    above. Careful copy editing shows the slow contemptlative
    mind that you want to project to clients.
    That said, I am excited about your up coming solo
    quest. A few tricks to enhance the experience:
    practice non-destraction. Bring as little as you can to survive.
    Shun reading, writing, picture and art making, flashlights, fire, music
    anything electronic and most food. ( fasting enhances the
    meditation ). LESS IS MORE.
    Be exempt from public haunt.
    This will sweeten the use of adversities.
    You will be able to hear the sermons in the stones
    and understand the tounges in the trees more clearly.
    Lastly, embrace the dark. Wrap yourself in it’s warm richness.
    Be not afraid. You are your fairy godmother.

    Lots of love, Jimmy

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