Alexis Arvidson Acupuncture | Your Skin.
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Your Skin.

Your Skin.

Your largest organ.

If this fleshy barrier has been causing you some stress, I’ve got the cure.

Diane Avitable at is just the raddest aestetition around, no question.  My first facial with her was a trial to see of we’d be a good fit for working together (I was looking for someone to compliment my Acupuncture Facial Series).  When I walked out of the treatment I felt incredible.  I had tons of new info on what local plants and kitchen stock would help my skin be it’s best PLUS my boyfriend said I looked all glow-y like the girls in the magazines.  That was only the first round.

Round two

This time Diane included the extractions, part of a regular facial but not included in the acu-facial model.  Diane is self proclaimed ‘obsessive’ about the detox of each pore.  She explained that the black heads that build up act as dulled pixels, fading the perfect picture of your face.  This part is called DETOX because she truly is removing the gunk and toxins that your body has managed to expel to the surface.  She was thorough.  The treatment wraps up with a home-made organic mask customized to your skin type.  The cherry on top is Diane’s skillful face, neck and shoulder massage.

The feeling is luxurious, but the message behind the pampering is true and natural skin health.

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