Alexis Arvidson Acupuncture | rainbows
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Do you remember learning the colors of the rainbow?  ROY G BIV..  Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet.  My great wish for the children of the world is  knowledge of their chakras as they learned the colors.  Imagine a whole planet full of little people that know and understand the energetics of the body as well as they know that red and blue make purple!

Below I listed each of the chakra’s sacred truths.  Spread the love, heal the world.

Root chakra- All Are One
Sacral chakra- Honor One Another
Solar plexus- Honor Ones Self
Heart chakra- Love Is Divine Power
Throat chakra- Surrender Personal Will To Divine Will
Third eye- Seek Only The Truth
Crown chakra- Live In The Present Moment


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