Alexis Arvidson Acupuncture | A practice in dying
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A practice in dying

A practice in dying

I don’t know how he knew it, but on the morning last summer that Michael Hewett chose to guide us through this meditation I was in desperate need of a rebirth.

Laying in corps pose never felt so near perfection.

The first step in preparation for dying is to list your most prized possessions.  You may list your three best or if you feel extremely bound by the materials you have acquired, write them out on paper one by one.  Go over your list a will each thing you own to someone in your life until nothing is left.  This step releases you from the physical weight of your ‘stuff’.

Next you will need to find your teacher, this person should be someone you can confide in honestly.  Tell them all your darkest and ugliest moments.  Verbalize and release each of the skeletons that keep your spirit bound. The truth will literally set you free.

With your heart and hands as open and empty as they were with your first breath, you are ready to be transformed.

Become the most perfect image of yourself. You are now the most beautiful, strong, magnetic being you can conceive.  With this new scale of greatness you embody, you grow and grow.  You expand into the universe until the world can be held up high in your two hands.

You open your mouth wide and tip the world on its side. All the suffering, all the ugliness and greed, all the evil pour out of the oceans and rivers of the world and straight into your mouth.  You swallow and go back for more, and more until there is nothing but love and beauty left behind to flourish.

When you are able to do this last bit with honest intention, you are ready to be set free.


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