Alexis Arvidson Acupuncture | A lecture by Lillian Bridges on Itunes
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A lecture by Lillian Bridges on Itunes

A lecture by Lillian Bridges on Itunes

(It’s free on itunes!)

The entire hour is full of gems.  Lillian shares knowledge passed down through many years of study and a family lineage of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Two that I want to share with you today are;

Bless this illness.
The Chinese regard each time a person comes down with a cold or disease as a challenge to rise above. And with each rising, a new level of knowing thy self accompanies the strength of proving yourself well.

There is money falling out of your pockets!
This refers to our western instilled belief that busy-busy-busy is better-better-better! It is not always the case. Each of us would benefit so much from truly slowing things down and sitting still. The next time you feel frightened by the idea of spending a few hours without email or Internet, remember this.. the slower you go, the faster you get right here.

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