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This page is intended as a gift of resources.  I want to give you access to the humans and ideas that are woven into the work I do.


Recommend reading can be found here;


MACRO, The humans that inspire me from afar.


Jamie Catto blew my mind when Kyle and I traveled to South East Asia on our honeymoon so many years ago.  He continues to make me think, reconsider and smile at the humanity of it all.

Dr. John Douillard is a hallmark for fatherhood energy.  His Ayurvedic knowledge and generosity have brought so much wisdom to the way I eat.

Danielle LaPorte is the best friend/mentor of my dreams.  She is always authentic, always heart-felt and absolutely always turns me toward love.

Marianne Williamson inspires goodness in heart, mind and perhaps most important, goodness in action.


MICRO, the humans I spend time working with regularly.



Diane Avitable, gives the city’s most glorious, restorative facial with her all natural line of skincare.

Aynsley Kirshenbaum‘s full on mama energy will support your physical and nutritional needs at every stage of life.

The Three Jewels, This is the place.  Expand your heart and your mind.


Hudson Valley

You can find me at Flora Beauty on Sundays and by request.

If you are looking to have your Heart blasted open, study Yoga and Mediation at the feet of Aaron Diaz.

When I found Alison Sinatra‘s yoga class, I knew I was home.  It’s yoga with the Mother Earth, and it’s hilarious.

Kundalini Yoga with my dear friend, Ana Gioia, is transcendent and often, family inclusive.

When I get to indulge in acupuncture as the patient, I see Marcus DeGrazia and Rebecca Steele.  They are both incredible in completely different ways and I am deeply grateful to have them in my life and as my healers.


Here are my favorite places to gather the tools needed to be fully Well.


Get to the true meaning of Yoga.

Yoga Studies Institute

The Knowledge Base

Asian Classics Institute


Herbs and Oils;

Banyan Botanicals

Jean’s Greens

Flower Power

Mountain Rose Herbal



Organic Animal Products:


Dickson’s Farmstand

Marlow and Daughters

The Meat Hook